• Ruby Nambo

What is a Friend?

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

A friend is someone that gets to know you,

starting out as strangers to a personal level.

A friend is someone that every time they see you,

after days, weeks, months, and even years,

they always look forward to your presence.

A friend is someone that enjoys your presence and

doesn’t hate every moment,

but lives every moment like a photograph.

A friend is willing to share anything with you,

like a meal or a story from their past.

A friend doesn’t abandon one another or hurt one another

like a back stab in the heart.

But a friend requires a single key for a successful relationship,

called communication.

I have friends that I met ten years ago,

while others I met ten days ago.

I have friends that support me in whatever I do,

while others fight and cheer with me.

I have friends that I spend the day with,

while others I spend hours with.

I have friends that I talk about,

while others I think about often.

I have friends that message me,

while others give me a phone call.

I have friends that have the same hobbies as me,

while others I learn something new.

I have friends and at the end of the day,

you learn a lot from them.

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