Hola todxs! My name is Ruby Nambo, and I am from Sultan, Washington. I am a Central Washington University alumni; I majored in English Education and a minor in bilingual education/TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

I have been writing passionately since the age of eight. I first started to write short stories until middle school, where I began to write poetry, and continued since. However, when it came to performing, I started at the age of nineteen.  In fact, my work has been featured in Manastash Literary Journal, Washington's Best Emerging Poets, America's Best Emerging Poets, Wolff Literary Magazine, New Directions for Student Leadership and many more.

When I am not writing, I spend time with family and friends, read books, riding my unicycle, volunteer in my community, watching YouTube including telnovelas (soap operas) or listening to music. 


If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or anything that is in your mind, please feel free to e-mail me at: rubynambo@aol.com or subscribe below for updates!