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Walking downtown,

for the first time in years,

everything is still there.

On Main Street,

you still see the same restaurants

shinning bright for business

and stores being busier than ever before

filled with people.

As you go deeper into downtown,

there is more small business

conquering locals and visitors to visit—

it is either a hit or a miss.

Children are walking close to their parents—

feeling closer and loved

by holding their hands

as they are feeling protected.

Somewhere downtown,

you hear the local band playing

familiar tunes that you listened years ago,

especially the jazzy tenor saxophone.

Many families would stop and listen years ago.

But now, families are on the go

and have their personal devices to entertain them.

Suddenly, you glance at a street

completely unknown to your memory.

Its cold and not filled with people

instead filled with old and unsafe homes.

Why can’t you remember this street?

Did you once go to the street long ago

or was this street already dangerous?

Now that you’ve seen this street,

you don’t remember seeing other streets

and the homes that were just land long ago.

New street lights,

more people that you don’t know in your hometown.

You once lived here

felt welcome and knew everyone.

Now, where you once lived

feels uncomfortable and filled with strangers.

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