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You are unforgettable.

I have been thinking of you

a bit extra during these days of solitude.

Yet, I have not seen you

or heard your voice for several months.

Its incredible what life does to people.

You were so privileged yet you earned it.

Maybe its because you started

from the bottom onto the top

and that’s what happened.

I had my marigold ready to go

and hold it close to me.

You always provided me so much guidance

yet I still think to this day,

that I don’t have enough.

If I can go back in my past,

I wish one more day,

one more piece of advice,

one more lesson to learn,

one more memory to make with you.

I have to take it all

and be grateful that I got to know you.

Out of all the people in the world,

I really wish you were still here and nearby.

Given what I know,

I will always hold onto everything

you have given me.

I will never forget

that you helped everyone,

and you didn’t had to help.

But you did it anyway.

You provided the best for me to thrive

yet I failed.

I failed you.

Maybe I should sleep on it

until I have a clear idea.

To you, I wasn’t a failure.

You helped me recognize

the true potential of myself to thrive.

You taught me to be strong for me—

not for them!

I learned from the best

and I hope to pass on the same principles

to others as I spread marigolds all around

because of you.

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