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Same Hallways

I walked through the same hallways

many years ago.

In fact,

those hallways still appear the same

despite the student work

and the colorful posters.

The are some new faces in classrooms

I once was a student in.

While others,

they stayed in the same room for many years

with no change—except their age.

It was not long ago

where my friends and I

would race down to the lunch room

from our fourth period classes

with our backpacks to find a table—

and claim it!

Then to be one of the first

in the lunch line

before the other students.

There was always an adrenaline rush

to the lunch room—

and for some

it was the only time we ran in school—

a sense of liberation

to be with friends and to be ourselves!

Every hour the monotone ringing bells

engrained our minds for each class period.

We would see each other

either walking to class together

or waiting in line

for the only two bathrooms

in the entire schools.

Time goes by

and notice them

in the same shoes

I was in many years ago.

Reminiscing differences

and the growth of today

where technology is essential

all around in school.

Yesterday’s problems

are no longer an issue

but today’s students are the solution

to tomorrow’s problems.

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