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The blue skies come

and change every day.

It happens so rapidly

compared to the people

that come and go

throughout the temporary life.

Changes occur around your world

and you might never know,

until it happens.

Change is proven

when you look at yourself.


you were one person;

and today,

you are another person;

and tomorrow,

you will be a different person.

You can stay in one town,

and you can watch it grow.

Time goes by and brings changes—

new business,

new food to try,

new friends and neighbors to visit.

But change can be unexpected.

Its expensive

and can be frigid,

especially after many years.

Change is uncomfortable

like a scratchy knitted sweater.

Change is a choice you can decide.

Change is a chance to build and reconstruct mistakes.

Who says change is unhealthy?

Change is natural.

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