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The Corner of Third and Pearl

The girl in the white dress,

she cherishes the moment:

the style,

filled with pearls near her bosom,

the length,

slightly above her knees

where its okay to wear in public

and people wouldn’t ask.

She can walk around

all of downtown

and even dance at night

under the streetlight

where she glows like a star.

She twirls her dress

feeling like a white swan

filled with pure innocence.

Her black high heels

that were passed down

from her mother

are giving her blisters and goosebumps

especially when she paces

between the corner of 3rd and Pearl Street

where any leech can come

and haunt her intimacy

to be filled with trauma.

Her white dress is pure

like the clouds in the sky.

Her ravishing eyes gleam her future

that can capture anyone’s focus,

better than a camera.

She holds onto a shrivel up rose bouquet

with alive stem thorns

gripping her truth of all relationships—dead.

The tears of blood

caused by the leeches

turns her dress into the color of sin—

filled with darkness all around.

She quickly grows up to be a woman

and she had no choice

to turn back

as she left the girl

in the white dress behind.

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