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Writing the Narrative

Life is a narrative,

you have full control

in what is written

in your narrative.

It starts the moment you are born, and the many firsts come:

first smile; first laugh; first words;

first steps; first dance moves; and first-time foods.

Then as a child, you start to remember events in your lifetime:

first day of school; road trips and vacations;

meeting new friends; after school activities;

and learning from right and wrong.

Soon adolescence arrives and more events happens.

You start to learn about yourself: the self-discovery.

Life brings obstacles and become imperfect.

Who says that you need your life already set up?

In fact,

the chapters are often rewritten until it is right.

You start to learn more life skills:

first drives; first jobs and careers (and first paycheck);

first time being independent;

and the first to learn from your mistakes.

The narrative is still being rewritten

whether you are in your twenty somethings'

to your golden years.

Everything that occurs is being written

until you are no longer alive.

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