• Ruby Nambo

The Love, Pain and Independence

The girl struck her soft lips to his ear

He began to feel the zing of her words

Her bright smile shined his eyes

He touched her soft pale face

Together, they both started to kiss each other

Beyond the wild gust of wind

Full of passion towards the moon

Her mind was full of passion emotions

While his was full of happiness and joy

The man’s soul begins to burn of anger

The woman soul explodes everywhere

She begins to cry in tears in blood

He takes her aggressive tears and turns into roses

Waves of voices of evil comes from her

Instead of good, she burns the roses from him

“I want nothing to do with you!” she states

His dreams with his lover were crushed like stone

She marched thru the warmest streets

Alone in white with yellow light

She kept turning back to the door

Starting a new chapter of her life

But she knew she had a purpose

The fulfillment of beauty in her eyes

Her smile lead her the direction of love

While her hands lead her the pathway of hope

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