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The American Nightmare

I am living in the American nightmare.

The unwanted American nightmare

where racism is a constant battle

for a majority of the country.

My parents came to the States

to find their American Dream

of a better world

for their children

to not suffer poverty

and a better life.


America gave them

and my siblings a nasty treatment.

If you are different,

you are treated

differently than the rest.

But its not just my family,

its with thousands of others.

I am living in the American nightmare

where there are more guns than people

that causes school shootings,

impacting the young minds

and war within each other.

There are still people

living with no clean water

and living with little assistance.

America the prejudice,

America the savage,

where people prefer to fund

police, military and the privileged.

America the abuser,

where they lose

hundreds of children

in detention camps

or where they support other abusers

in a law stand point

because they work around the system.

There is so much work

that needs to be done.

The state that America is in

leaves more tragic trauma

to so many people including myself—

leaving myself to have sleepless nights.

We don’t need more hate,

we need more love.

We don’t need tears,

we need smiles.

We need more “I can do it!”

and less “I can’t do it.”

We need acceptance,

not shame.

We need to be educated,

not to be ignorant.

We need to be welcoming,

not to be filled with bias

that can be more destructive

than the gunshots and burning fires.

America needs to prioritize its needs.

The funds shouldn’t belong to police,

but should belong to fund

counselors and psychologists to assist the traumas.

The funds shouldn’t belong to the military,

but should belong to fund

doctors to find cures

and teachers to teach the real stuff

and not sugarcoating the curriculum.

The funds shouldn’t belong to politicians,

but should belong to fund

those in poverty,

provide scholarships to attend higher education,

and provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands.

I am living in the American nightmare,

and unless things change,

and America is woke,

to see the toxic trauma

choking to millions a day,

I will be living in the American nightmare.

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