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Say No

Its okay to say no.

No is not a bad thing to say.

No is not something

We should be afraid

To say to anyone.

But somehow and someway,

saying no is bad.

If you say no,

Then that makes you

Look like a bad person

Or that you can’t do anything.

If you say no

That makes you careless

Or not a cool person to be around.

Its okay to say no.

In fact, its healthy.

No is a good feeling—

and helps you to not regret

your future decisions.

No can make you

Take a step back

And make your realized

How much you have overloaded

Your lifestyle.

No is the new yes

And you have to learn how to accept it.

Your “no” should be validated

And honored just like a yes.

Your “no” should be respected

And have the same standards as a yes.

It should not be forced.

Instead, it should be done for you

Not for your friend,

Partner, your cousin,

your brother, your sister,

your parents, teachers, coaches,

doctors, mentors, pastors, teammates,

bosses, idols, your pets or a stranger.

No is for you,

And only you.

It someone can’t handle

A simple no from you

Then do they really care about you?

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