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Product of Tomorrow

CWU English Language Arts Teaching Cohert featuring ELA teachers in Wahluke Jr.High from Mattawa, Washington.

We are growing

constantly in a rapid speed,

like a drum beat

where we are marching to the journey.

We are thriving

when mistakes are made,

and when we learn from them.

It shapes on what we portray and our truths.

The discussions and dialogues

create such an act of awareness

and a moment to teach

of concepts that are unavailable

in the classroom.

But in the real world,

what we do not learn

crawls into a pile of regrets.

Each step that is made today

impact the journey for tomorrow.

We can do more in what we love.

Why not?

It is our passions that steer our direction

to become changemakers.

We are standing:

tall and proud of ourselves

and each other to ignite change.

Hope is in demand

for a better tomorrow around us.

We are problem solvers,

and unless we shift the shit,

nothing is transformed.

We are changemakers,

and we are determined

to work together

despite our differences.

We are the peacemakers.

We are the deep listeners.

We are the inspiration

to make a difference.

We teach each other,

new and old skills,

to show others in the future

we are the product of tomorrow.

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