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Aqui estoy!


Our presence at this moment

matters more than you imagine.

Our voices at the table allows us to speak and let la mundo listen to us.

Often times,

I wish that I can go back into time

to find someone who looks like me

and who has la misma lengua de idoma like me.

But once we head out,

to the real world of jobs,

our presence, our voice

and our representation matters.

In the careers you head out,

you might be the first in that space or department,

and that is a miracle!

You can be the first

and can be the role model

that you wished you had five or ten years ago.

Even today,

your representation in class helps others to say

"Si se puede!"

or to ponde las pilas to finish

and soon,

you will leave a legacy behind.

Si, ay dias que son difisi

pero if you give up,

who is going to represent you

when it is needed the most?

Cuando vas in your career,

you may see hard work,

pero por alegan

they may see a role model

and an inspiration to be like you,

y un dia,

they will thank you for your representation.

Aqui estoy presente,

no por una hora,

pero para simpre!

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