• Ruby Nambo

Just Ride

You grab your unicycle

And place the seat in front of you.

Place the seat between

Your meaty thighs

And you see high above.

Once you are comfortable

Place your right foot

Onto the right pedal

And place your left foot

Onto the left pedal.

You might not get it right

The first time,

but that’s okay

as long as you try

that’s all it matters.

Many tries later,

You finally found a sense

Of balance—you might even rock

Back and forth because you’re scared

To fall forwards or backwards.

Eventually, you pedal forward

And you are flying!

You pedal with no help

And somehow you keep

your balance without falling.

You might place your arms out

Side to side

To make it look like

You have airplane wings.

Or you might bend your arms,

Place them near your thighs

and swing them up and down

as if you were jogging onto the track.

Even better,

you might have your sunglasses on,

your wireless headphones

and play some music off of your phone.

You might start playing air guitar

By strumming to the chords

Or playing air drums

By tapping with your drum sticks

To the rhythm.

Riding one wheel is not easy.

The same goes for life—

It’s a constant reminder for balance.

Balance is what keeps us functioning

Time, health, workloads and so on.

That’s with riding a unicycle—

Balancing take multiple tries

But as long as you don’t give up

Enjoy the ride while it’s there.

Riding my unicycle on a summer sunset.

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