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Hope In You

This poem is about trying in life, no matter the amount of struggles one can go thru. I personally resonate with this piece, since it is a constant reminder to keep on going even when times get tough.

This poem was published in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine on March 2019. Wolff Poetry placed the poem on their site for readers. Scroll below and hope that you enjoy reading the poem as much as I enjoyed writing Hope in You!

You look tired, but hopeful.

You look so cool in your shirt,

Striking a pose as if you are a model.

Your silver buttons shine brighter than the sun.

Your shine shoes stand out like the lights.

Your black hair brings a beauty,

But you know there is something else going on,

Hidden in your facial expressions.

Something that makes you constantly battle with yourself.

Something that makes you unwanted like a stranger.

Something that makes you more scared of the world we live in.

But you have hope.

You will see a bright sunrise that no one will ever imagine.

You craft your own talents and skills all from the heart.

You know that are times that you want to give up,

And people are purposely placing detour signs.

But a handful of people look directly towards you

And the green light continues to shine

Down the highway for hope.

You drive yourself with so much potential.

No exits stop you—but encourage you

to continue the long drive.

Just by seeing you reaching your destination

Inspire to hear and share a story

Of the unexpected pathway.

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