• Ruby Nambo

Washington, my Home!

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Washington, my home

Your land is so unique

I can either be in the dry desert canyon,

Or I can be in the old Evergreen forest

At my window, I see a range of mountains.

Adams, Rainier, Saint Helens, and Baker

The beautiful bodies of water that nature provides:

Lakes, rivers, sounds and the Ocean.

Washington, my home

Your land has history and meaning behind it.

Indiigous people settled here, as well as immgrants.

Together, they all make majority of the state population.

At my window, I see different types of weather:

Rain, sun, wind, fog and snow.

I can make a snowman, go fly a kite in the wind,

Dance in the rain and go outside to enjot the sunshine.

Washington, my home

Your land is home to over seven million.

If I look at a map, I see

Small towns and cities on islands, forests and dry land.

At my window, I see many animals roaming

Eagles, squirrels, snakes, deer and raccoons.

Roaming free, as long as nature is pleased.

Keeping their habitats preserved as long as they can.

Washington, my home

Your land provides opportunities.

Jobs in technology, business, health care and education,

Whether it’s in the country or in the city.

At my window, I see landmarks within my vision,

Space Needle, Snoqualmie Falls, Museum of Flight and Gorge Amphitheatre.

I can go anywhere, and learn so much

So later on, I can share my knowledge.

Washington, my home.

Your land can teach.

From K-12 institutions, community colleges around the state,

And the universities, which can lead you to your dream job.

At my window, I see many people.

From all different backgrounds.

It doesn’t matter where their from,

Because they each have their own stories to tell me.

Washington, my home.

Your land is my land.

From traveling to exploring new places,

Washington, you are my home!

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