• Ruby Nambo

Leavenworth Experience

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

On December 2017, I had the chance to travel with two school programs at Leavenworth, WA. This was also the first weekend of the annual tree lighting ceremony that hundreds of people attend. I created many memories with the people around me and the adventure that occurred throughout the time.

TRiO SSS and Chavez-King Leadership Insitute students at Leavenworth welcoming sign

Before arriving, I used to think it was an old small city on Highway 2.

But, its more than an old small city.

It is a place filled with memories.

Taking pictures with the festive props,

like the Grinch or the Welcome sign,

were such a blast;

As well as getting to know the people that traveled with me.

From eating sketchy Indian food

to leaving a signed dollar bill to begin a legacy,

I bonded and made good adventures.

Starbucks was not considered a landmark for coffee,

but a landmark for the bathroom.

In times that one trips and stumbles, in ice,

we take the time to listen and care about strangers and friends.

We all came together for one purpose:

To develop a welcoming community within each other.

Seeing the lighting of the city and the trees,

was beautiful like the Children’s choir.

One thing is for sure is to never try the hot fire flaming sauce,

Otherwise, you’ll be crying your eyes out.

I’ll never forget these groups:

TRiO SSS and Chavez-King Institute,

because it’s been a privilege for getting to know one another,

and getting to know the people we know.

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