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A Champion's Directions

I take one step forward.

I don’t think about turning back,

Because I’m glancing to see the future.

I know that there are challenges I must face,

but like a boxing match,

I must be prepared whatever it takes to win.

Life has its photographic memories,

I can remember the best times,

As well as the worst times.

I am often reminded about how impossible dreams can be,

I get flashbacks about the failures I commit,

But like the sun, I still rise

When I get sad, I can either go two different paths.

I can go to one path where I see the sky turning grey,

And be falling the cliff of failure.

The other path, has multiple flights of stairs.

Where I can tackle the impossible,

To prove everyone, including myself, wrong.

I prefer to take the path with the stairs

If I feel like giving up, I can slowly climb down to the bottom.

If I feel like doing the impossible, I can climb faster to the top.

I can’t reach to the top of the stairs right away.

I would need patience and determination as well as frustration and anxiety.

It can take minutes, hours, days, months, and even years.

By challenging myself to reach my goals

I know that I am working hard towards the top,

And I know that I will become a champion.

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