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It started one day when one my mentors called me and invited me to an event that occur at that very moment. I was close to turning down the offer, but something in me told me to attend the event. So, I left the area that I was at and went to the event. The event was about two founders of D&M Coffee, a local business of Ellensburg. There were not many people at this event; however, the people there got to hear the story of the two founders. Somehow, in that one hour event, their story impact me and inspire me to write this thoughtful and constructive poem. Hope you enjoy reading this piece as much as I had fun writing this piece!

You start out as a small seed

Trying to make a difference.

But there are walls of barriers

that people create on purpose

for you not to succeed.

It seems that from right to left,

you have that expectation to fail.

Why does it have to be that way?

Does it mean anything

Or does it mean nothing?

Like a tree that has been planted

By the waterfront,

It took its time to grow.

That’s with you as well.

You need to take your time.

Soon enough,

You sprout faster than you can see.

People begin to notice

How beautifully you branch out

And even complement you for it.

When you finally achieve and made a difference,

you are strong as a tree stump.

People may chop you down,

But you stay firm and help others

To stand tall for many years to come.

You have defeated heavy rain and gusty winds

and visible against the morning fog

Nothing will stand in your way, regardless of weather.

With the sunlight shining at you

The future is beautiful than ever before.

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